Tips for Use & Security in your email

The use of email in companies is something that has changed the way we communicate. It is cheap, fast, you can send it to several people, attach files. Cybercriminals detected the increase in this use a few years ago and did not take long to create different types of infractions on the network to obtain benefits. 

For this reason, we must be careful with our use of email, as cybercrime has experienced a growing trend in recent years around the world. Related: roadrunner email login page

Email Safety Instructions

Are you using your email safely? 

To avoid being exposed to these cyber attacks, we share tips to use time warner roadrunner email safely:

  1. If you do not know the origin of an email and you receive several emails a day, take it to the SPAM folder.
  2. Disable automatic image loading.
  3. Beware of attachments! If you do not know the origin of the sender, try not to open them and less when they have the extension .exe
  4. Clear the history, the cache of your browser periodically and avoid checking the option to save passwords.
  5. Use different passwords for the email accounts you have access to, and change the passwords with some frequency (4-6 months).
  6. Do not open emails with offers, gifts or false promotions such as: “You have had a trip to New York with all expenses paid.”
  7. Hover over the links in the email before opening them, so you can check if the URL is correct.
  8. The Phishing technique is a very common practice among cybercriminals that affects more and more companies. This crimeware (cybercrime for tax purposes) consists of impersonating the identity for financial gain. Avoid giving your personal information, bank details or passwords through emails.
  9. Make sure to log out of Spectrum mail every time you finish working.
  10. Be careful with public Wi-Fi networks (usually without a password). You are exposed to someone capturing information from all your personal data or looking at your email.
  11. Use BCC or BCC blind copy when you send emails to several people, this way your emails will be hidden from others.
  12. Use an encrypted email solution to control all your confidential information.
  13. Do not publish your email on websites, forums, social networks or spaces where content is shared, as these have become the main action scenarios for mass spam shipments.
  14. Keep your programs and your operating system updated. Security enhancements are often included in updates. With your updated software, you will close possible entry points that are already known.
  15. On the other hand, it is also important to carry out a period of training and education of the user in terms of Internet security, since everyone is trained to send an email, but not everyone knows how to protect themselves from threats unwanted that are present in the network.

Top Email Attacks and Security Tips.

The security protocols that are applied in email solutions are not always the same. At Tecon, we work with the professional Microsoft Exchange solution (it is in the core of Office 365 ).

In addition to a 50 GB inbox and the ability to send messages of up to 150 megabytes, it offers more security than other solutions and many other extra features. 

This allows access to a 50 GB inbox and the possibility of sending messages of up to 150 megabytes, but above all, it stands out for offering more security than other email solutions (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), in addition to a large number of extra functionalities.

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