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Spectrum Charter is a division of Time Warner and is an internet service provider which provides high-speed internet along with a mailing service too.

Users of other Internet services like Insight Communications and bright house can also use its mailing service along with Time Warner as Spectrum gives contracts of its services.

Free Email Service from Spectrum Charter Communication

The email service of Charter.net is free and very easy to set up. It is an easy-to-use messaging system that allows you access to your mailbox on any computer with an internet connection.

The mailing service comes free and is activated for all the clients who subscribe to the Spectrum Internet connection.

Although the original master email connection is activated in the name of the bill payer which cannot be changed once the internet service has been configured, the user Is given the option of opening up new email sub-accounts in the name of his or her choice.

The number of sub-accounts depends on the service contract and the internet scheme taken. Every subscriber receives up to 5 mailboxes. The default sub-account has a storage limit of 20 MB whereas the overall mailbox size is 100 MB. Webmail Roadrunner account can be added along to the service.

Features of Webmail Spectrum Account

This is the basic service contract although the Standard service and the Turbo service schemes of Spectrum allow 10 and 25 mailboxes per subscriber respectively along with massive email storage of 2 and 5 GB. The default storage of the sub-account is 100 MB in each case.

Spectrum Webmail service has great options for users who can send emails up to a total message size of 30 MB that includes attachments. Every 24 hours, a user can send emails to up to 1000 recipients with a maximum of 99 per ever mail in the To and the Cc fields.

Webmail Spectrum has some great features like sorting of mails and an online address book where one can add or remove contacts and create different groups. One can send messages to anyone in the address book very easily with great Webmail capabilities.

Time Warner Webmail has amazing security features given the increased importance of email security these days. Most important transactions including confidential information take place on emails. Emails are also used as a safe way of registering and confirming those transactions which are done by a user online.

In such a scenario, loss of confidentiality or hacking of an email account can create havoc and really compromise the private data of the users. Charter mail with its advanced security controls ensures that the information, data storage, and mail exchange are all safely guarded.

Both the incoming and the outgoing mail in spectrum webmail are scanned thoroughly for viruses. Infected messages are discarded straightaway. Charter.net email login is similar to this blog post.

There are also provisions wherein spam when detected or suspected is sent to the inbox with the subject line prefixed with spam or in some cases the mail is directly sent to the junk email folder. When confirmed the spam emails are deleted. The mailing service also has innovative measures like filtering of emails and parental control.

Let go to https://webmail.spectrum.net/ for learn more information.

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