Safety Tips when using Email

According to recent statistics, there are more than 500 million email users in the world. Which is a huge market for malicious organizations and individuals.

We have all received messages in the inbox of our email client whose content is to say the least suspicious.

It is not about being alarmist, but the reality is that on the Internet there are all kinds of tricks and tricks designed to obtain some type of benefit from users. And today most of those threats come in the form of email messages. Check Time Warner Cable mail services and login with server settings.

In this guide, we intend to identify what these threats are and at the same time, offer a complete list of tips and measures to take into account to continue using a communication system as common as twc mail, with the highest security guarantees.

In this article we talk about:

  • What are the most frequent dangers associated with email
    • SPAM
    • Phishing
    • Scams in general
    • Emails with malicious attachments
    • Fake message strings
  • Tips for safe use of the email
  • Tips to avoid fraudulent email
  • Tips to avoid malware
  • Tips for using mail on the web (web mail)

The main threats in the use of email are:

  • Spam
  • Phishing
  • Scams
  • Emails with malicious attachments
  • Hoax or fake message chains


Tips for safe use of email

There are numerous tips to follow to use email safely, many of them common sense:

  • Use different email accounts
  • Don’t use email regularly to send and receive sensitive information
  • Use Blind Copy Option (BCC)
  • Be prudent when answering
  • Beware of forwarding
  • Encrypt your important emails

Tips to avoid malware

Be careful with attachments

Never open any message or attachment from a sender that you don’t know or that is suspicious to you. Directly delete these types of messages. A good practice if we are not sure is to contact the person who sent it, to see if they really sent it. If, when opening a message, a window automatically appears or we are redirected to a web page where we are asked to install something, it closes the window automatically and deletes the email message. Also related to this roadrunner login article.

Keep your antivirus updated

It is important to keep your antivirus / antimalware software up-to-date and have it configured to scan all incoming emails as well as keep backup copies of your most valuable files.

Enable email filters

Enable spam filters in the mail client. These filters initially need some training to differentiate SPAM from real mail. And users should take the time to flag messages that have not been classified by the spam filter. However, it is totally recommended, and in a short time, the effectiveness of the filter will be increasing and we will see the results.

Tips for using mail on the web (web mail)

It is very common that instead of the application of each mail service, we consult the mail directly via the web.

Here are a series of tips that you need to follow to safely use your email accounts through the web.

  • Always log out of your email before closing the browser
  • If you do the query on a public device, it is advisable to clear the browser’s cache, history, and passwords
  • Make sure to remove from the download folder if you have downloaded any attachments
  • Try to use browsers that allow you to modify the privacy conditions of the navigation

If you follow these easy tips you will be able to use email in a much more secure way through the web.

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