#7 Best 3rd-Party Free Email Clients

With sufficiently complete email web clients such as Gmail, Outlook and company, and such splendid experiments as Google Inbox, it seems that little by little many of us are forgetting that we also have offline alternatives developed by third parties that deserve a chance. Therefore, … Read more

Safety Tips when using Email

According to recent statistics, there are more than 500 million email users in the world. Which is a huge market for malicious organizations and individuals. We have all received messages in the inbox of our email client whose content is to say the least suspicious. … Read more

10 Tips to Secure Email

Good practices to protect your email. E-mail is one of the most frequent routes for viruses to enter our computers. For this reason, the security software solutions company Spectrum has proposed a decalogue of good practices that will allow us to protect ourselves against password theft, scams, and infections of our computers. 1. Do … Read more

Difference Between Webmail and an Email Client

Both techniques are used to read email. Webmail The webmail is a web page accessible through a browser and allows you to read and send email from any Internet-connected device. It does not require the installation of programs or configurations. The roadrunner email messages remain stored remotely on the … Read more