#7 Best 3rd-Party Free Email Clients

With sufficiently complete email web clients such as Gmail, Outlook and company, and such splendid experiments as Google Inbox, it seems that little by little many of us are forgetting that we also have offline alternatives developed by third parties that deserve a chance.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about seven good free third-party clients that are worth giving a chance to access Spectrum mail. Some are immortal classics that I ‘m sure most of you know well enough, but others may not know them so much and you get the odd surprise.


Most Commonly used Email Clients 2021


For years and until relatively recently Thunderbird has always been my go-to email client. It belongs to the Mozilla foundation, and stands for simplicity and ease of use . In fact, it automatically configures your Gmail or Microsoft emails so you don’t have to do it by hand, although it also has this option.

Open source and available for Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac OS X , it has more than 1,000 add-ons to improve it and options as varied as integration with social networks. On the other hand, having a somewhat outdated design plays against it, and with the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to the project now that Mozilla is saying that it could get rid of it .

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Nylas mail

I have to admit, Nylas Mail may be a newcomer, but it has stolen my heart to such an extent that it has caused me to leave Thunderbird after years of being faithful to it. Why? Well, because it is not only easy to use and configure, but it also has one of the best designs that you can find in an email client.

Isn’t that enough? It has several themes to change its appearance and it is modular, with which we can install plugins from to be able to translate emails using Google Translate to to be able to schedule when we send them. It is also open source, and has versions available for GNU / Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows .


Mailbird continues to grow, and there are already several media that have crowned it as one of the best and simplest mail clients that we can come across in Windows, although its exclusivity for the Microsoft operating system subtracts it from being used in Linux or Mac. Related to this, Roadrunner login

The application integrates with Gmail, Hotmail and all the accounts you want with its support for IMAP and POP3, a unified inbox and integration with various management, calendar and messaging applications. Unfortunately, its best options are reserved for the paid versions ( now at 50% ), but at least it has a free edition so that we can see to what extent it would be worth pulling the card.

eM Client

Taking into account that we have had to leave Outlook out of the list because it is subject to Office 365 payments, eM Client is presented as one of the most solid alternatives for those who want an experience similar to that offered by Microsoft with its client, although also with some other option added.

It has an email manager that integrates with Gmail and iCloud, and in which you can import from Outlook and Outlook Express, a task manager and a calendar that integrates with Google Calendar. It also has an instant search box and a Jabber messaging module. The bad news is that it is only available for Windows , and the good news is that despite being paid it has a free mode in which to manage up to two email accounts.


Zimbra is another great email client that comes equipped with a nice collection of plugins like a calendar, finder, task manager, contact book, and a collection of plugins. You can manage several accounts at the same time and bets on the multiplatform with versions for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU / Linux .

Opera Mail

In 2013 Opera decided to dive head first to create the best desktop email manager, and gave birth to its Opera Mail . With a design similar to that of your popular browser , Opera Mail shows a clean and organized interface that uses a tabbed interface to allow us to read several emails at the same time.

It allows us to configure our mailbox by adding rules to organize our emails automatically through patterns, and includes an integrated feed reader. Unfortunately, this email manager is only available for Windows , leaving Mac OS X and GNU / Linux users out of the game.


Polymail is an email client that is set to dominate the sector in the near future. And not only because of its excellent design, but also because it has an impressive repertoire of options among which stands out setting up an email to send it later, postponing one that has arrived to appear later, or a system that will notify you when they receive the email the people you have sent it to.

It also has a separate button to unsubscribe from the mailing lists and, like Inbox, it allows you to cancel the sending of an email within seconds of having sent it. The bad new? To start we have to ask for an invitation to use it, and it is also exclusive to the Apple operating system .

Special mention

If we had not tried to limit ourselves to talking about free applications, surely our small list would have been very different. To begin with, Outlook would be present, which we can only use if we have an Office 365 subscription, but we would also have added other great options such as Inky, Postbox, or Cloud Magic.

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