10 Tips to Secure Email

Good practices to protect your email.

E-mail is one of the most frequent routes for viruses to enter our computers. For this reason, the security software solutions company Spectrum has proposed a decalogue of good practices that will allow us to protect ourselves against password theft, scams, and infections of our computers.

1. Do not run the attachments that come from unknown senders.

2. In the same way, avoid clicking on the links embedded in emails that come from unknown or untrustworthy addresses.

3. Banks never ask for confidential information by e-mail. A very common deception is phishing , which consists of falsifying the bank’s website and redirecting the user there through a link. In this way they can get the user’s identification data and access their bank account.

4. Enable the anti-spam filter to avoid malicious website on Panorama Charter.

5. Use different email accounts. For example, it is advisable to use an account exclusively to receive emails of little importance, commercial notices, emails from mass mailing lists, etc.javascript:falsejavascript:false

6.  Use strong passwords, that is, they have ten or more characters and include uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters. It is also advisable to use an account for each service. Related to this, do check the roadrunner login-related articles.

7.  Avoid accessing email from public computers.

8.  Use public Wi-Fi networks with caution, there may be someone capturing user passwords.

9.  When sending a message to many contacts, use blind copying (Bcc), in this way the addresses of the recipients are protected.

10.  The best ally of your cyber security is yourself. It is advisable to be up to date on computer security.

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